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I am not a big Valentine’s Day person, not since college.  After that, Valentine’s has gone too commercial for me.  Love should be celebrated BIG every SINGLE day in small or big ways.



Being completely unorthodox that I am most of the time, I didn’t want to join the bandwagon of overly crowded restaurants –it kind of takes out the romance for me.  Nevertheless, I wanted to plan a little something for Bubba just to let him know that my antipathy for Valentine’s Day is not an exception to show him how much I care.



As much as I tried to hide where we were going, pulling up at the parking lot of Manila Yacht Club gave it away.  He tried to keep a straight face but a smile was forming in the corner of his mouth.  We walked to the dock, a bottle of sparkly on hand.



 Prince of Tides –a fitting name for a yacht.  We got on board –the night breeze softly hitting my face.  It was simply a beautiful night to be taking a cruise in Manila Bay. 


It was pretty dark out in the sea.  Very much like Antipolo at night, a lateral view though than a bird’s view, the colorful bright lights of the metro danced before us.  When one is always in the midst of these lights and tall buildings, one tends to ignore it.  Sometimes when you stand too close to something you don’t get to see the beauty of it.  You stand at a certain distance and you appreciate a whole new beauty of it.  That’s how I felt with Manila that night.




Bubba and I took in the stillness of the night.  Right beside each other, we marveled in each other’s silence.  Tranquility abound.  I felt the vibrations of his heart… and was at peace with where I was at this part of the world.



We decided to leave our comfortable seats and rounded the yacht.  30 minutes later, dinner was ready.  Pasta Alfredo, roasted chicken, seasoned vegetables and fish fillet with tartar painted our plates. 





After dinner, I fell asleep in Bubba’s arms.  I guess I’m not much of a sailor and the Bonamin I drank made me drowsy.  An hour later, I woke up to a dessert of Banapple’s famous Banoffee pie.



We talked and shared a few laughs.  After a short while, Gieves handed me a Cosmopolitan drink.  We looked at some photos and started reminiscing on our initial dates.  An hour later and I was back in la la land.  I felt bad for Bubba because he spent most of the evening alone –being a human pillow for little ol’ me.





I finally woke up as the yacht came to a halt.  Bubba also dozed off.  Gieves had to check if we were okay.  We said we were fine and thanked the two of them.



The Yacht Cruise was the perfect way to spend our Post-Valentines date because it made the event differently special.


Yacht Cruise Album    


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  3. hi, just wanted to ask, do you still have the contact details for the yacht? also, around how much does it cost? thanks.

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